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Best Officer

Jesus, that was so hot. You resemble Roadhog so much and the way you smothered him with your big, fat ass was so lovely. First time I saw you smothering a boy with your sweaty 'pits, too. Man, I wish that was me. Everything from your 'pits, boots, feet, all the way to your ass is perfect. I hope to see more from you.

Everything you want and more!!

Absolutely sexy!! The big heel really gives it to his jobber in many various squashes and smelly submissions! The ending and angles are pure gold! Brilliant and sexy work!! ❤️


I mean it goes without his saying his verbal is on point. He really puts this tiny jobber through the ringer and destroys him! And to add insult to injury gives him one hell of a stink face. You can hear sub complain about Bear needing a shower. So F N hot! Just amazing!

Squash Job
Amazing dominance

One look at Big Officer Bear in his wrestling gear and you will melt like I did. He is an amazing, dominant alpha who knows how to conquer and humiliate his hapless opponent. Just when you think this can't get any hotter, he pulls the straps down and takes it to another level! Absolutely amazing. Would love to take him on someday even though the outcome is already obvious!

Glad you loved the video, little man. This was my personal favorite!

Facefucked by Roadhog
thierry bartalucci

love it ass sniffing

*SNORT* ♨️

I love how you practically swallow his face between your ass cheeks - only wish it was me sniffing and licking your big fleshy ass

My first time actually buying a video... and I’ve watched it multiple times. Extremely hot! Makes me wish I would have made more videos than the two on my page because I have had some ridiculously wild encounters when I was in my 20s. Lol

I love this. The way you’re just using him as your seat, hand around his throat, pulling his hair to keep him in place. Love the jockstrap play and the verbal as always is top tier <3 thank you for uploading Sir!

I purchased too - on Porn Hub. My god he is hot. Had to see all that beef stuffed in a wife beater, jockstrap and nasty dirty socks. With bandana mask. Fucking hot as hell. I am going to watch it again and again.

Facefucked by Roadhog
Niall Vockins

I’d take a stinkface from you any day!

Perfect Ass

Perfect way to punish a disobedient boy with your ass. I absolutely love how long you sit on him, how you push your boots against his nose and make him sniff. Hot stuff. Definitely one of my favorites. You're the sexiest Officer I've seen. I'd do anything to make that be me. It was such a long, tormenting facesitting session. Pretty sure he can only smell your ass after that, even after you get off him. Just perfect.

Viscerally Real

After putting off my purchase of this video for quite a while I decided to treat myself and get it while I had the money My advice? Don't wait like I did, get this video now.

Genuinely one of the darkest videos I've seen, in a good way. OfficerBear plays the character of the cocky, self-worshipping, sadistic redneck perfectly, and the menace dripping off his more chipper lines feels almost worse than the physical abuse. This video often leaves me feeling like I'm genuinely watching a tape of some poor fucker who's been kidnapped and tied up in the basement of this monster of a man for real. Really excellent work, couldn't recommend highly enough.

scent-tilating video

So awesome I was holding on my pole all the time while taking a big deep breath. Got me excited seeing your unleashed boots. I thought I would be seeing those big paws of yours. Maybe on the next video. Thank you

Squash Job

I agree that the mask and gloves are especially hot! Liked how Officer Bear verbally taunts his opponent. BearTamer sure didn't live up to his name, did he? LOL Still I'm impressed with his endurance and the way he doesn't back down. Thanks for sharing, guys!

Absolutely HOT domination!!

When you find a SQUASH and BDSM vid in were you both pity the sub but also wish you WERE them!!! This vid is so hot! I would love to be destroyed by this man!!


Excellent, love it when u rub your ass and dick on that twink. I really really wanna see more wedgies like you giving that twink wedgies in tigthy whities. If you can make more vids that would be great

Glad you loved it. There will be even more wedgies in the future fo'sure.

He's Done
Perfect Belly Heel

Great backbreaker and belly-to-belly bearhug. Could watch this daddy bounce and squeeze a jobber all day.

Mugged and Crushed
xavier brown

Love the ending over the rest but it was all amazing keep up the good work

Glad you loved it little man.

I like it

I love the video but can you make a version of this video where we see what Officer is doing to the sub?

Awesome idea, I have a head strap I can use with my 3D camera... >:)


Love the video. Officer Bear is so sexy.

Squash Job
Matt King

never seen squashing this good

Glad to hear that, boy!

Damnn I wish it was me you were suffocating Drooling faceDrooling face

Oh my goooooood so hot!!!! His nose was so deep in you

I need to meet a wrestling/facesitter heel to keep me pinned exactly as Big Officer does in his pic, fullweight, sitting directly on my nose, with a very musky hole slowly suffocating me into submission.

Just imagine what it's like bein' under that ASS, full weight. That's black-out smothering!