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Great video. Awesome watching Roadhog smothering his opponent - especially loved seeing those mighty arms wrapped around the jobber's head trapping his face in Roadhog's armpit, But can't beat the scenes where the jobber's face is wedged into Roadhog's beautiul meaty ass!

Squashed and Smothered
Jack Streeter

Amazing video. I would love a vid of your sub fucking your asshole with his tongue


Another hot, dominant performance from the beast that is the Officer in charge. Complete pressure and good old fashioned pain from the outset. Buy it, watch it, enjoy!

Stinkface Slave
Urge Satisfying!

First of all I have to say that finding authentic facesitting and stinkface videos it's very difficult. However, Big Officer Bear always delivers high quality videos. What I like about this video the most is that it gives you exactly what you want to see. You don't have to wonder if he's going to put his arse in the slave's face. His does it plenty of times and makes sure that there is lots of sexy daddy verbal and encouragement. I also enjoyed the crotch sniffing segments. That was a special unexpected treat. For the next video it would be fun to see Big Officer Bear with his legs up and his hole right directly in front of the slave nose. That would be hot.

Well worth a watch, complete dominance and humiliation.

What a sight!

Wow, cracking video with some genuine heavy weight domination. Would love to see the big sweaty crack dropping on my face, and be trampled under the full weight of such a an immense man. More please

Stinkface Slave


Absolute cracking video, love the intensity and the pressure, such a big, hot beast of a man. Don't delay, buy now and enjoy!

Squash Job

Another amazing lesson in control and domination.

Unreal from the beginning to the end!

When I come across a stink fetish video, it's a short-lived revelry as it just means I don't have to use my imagination to get my rocks off.

Please, allow me to explain.

Is it even man on man? Some video I've found? Unfortunately no... It probably a bbw facesitting video, so I have to imagine that it's a big gorgeous man. Then I think, "Man, it'd be fucking awesome if the sub was restrained or tied up". Could I possibly believe it's a gay video? A gay video of bears? Nah... Been looking for just that kind of thing for years. Not a chance in hell... Not one with decent bondage, face sitting, or stink fetishization.

Sometimes I just wish there'd be a mention of the dom not taking a bath or really any context where the poor fella having to fight for air is doing it at the expense of it coming off some fat dude's ass crack. It's rare, but it's out there, it's going to be in 480p, looks as if you had to stick a Star Wars figure into the VCR just right so it didn't eat the tape, and it's only 00:17 long. I think I've seen like 3.5 of em in 20 years of looking nearly every day, and it's all I've found.

But wait... One more thing... Does it seem like it's genuine? Is that asking too much? Or does it seem like just some asshole put tape over the light on their monitor when their neighbor's husband, pizza guy, or some poor sap on Craigslist that was woefully willing to come over to get a bad blow job and just so happens to sit on the dude's face?

No imagination required: The real deal is here.

No more sifting through bad biggercity vids, dodging viruses from Napster, wishing gifs lasted longer than a few seconds on Tumblr, or having to subscribe to some dude's onlyfans just to kind of see content that sort of jives with my kinks...

The truth is here in this un-fucking-believable vid, and that truth shall set you free.

By the grace of the gods (or from the god himself) we get to see Big Officer Bear's gorgeous babyface as he sweetly sneers into his sub's face... allowing the poor chap the small mercy of cool fresh air after being forced to inhale domination-flavored vapor that sublimely lurks in the most gorgeous ass crack this side of what John Goodman's looked like circa 1995... and for that I plan to thank those gods daily. His words sound like molasses slowly oozing from a tree. His hard dick must smell like golden happiness... His breathe must be like the gentle wind of a sunrise the day after winning the lottery... I literally think I' going to need to jerk off again just writing this.

I mean, have we gotten to see his face quite like this yet? Fuck no. We weren't worthy. But now us piggies have been blessed. So not only do we get to wish to be a whisker on that lucky subs's mustache, but we get to see the handsome masculinity of the cruelest no shower-taking bear god we've all come to worship... ALL HAIL BIG OFFICER BEAR!!!

(Now going back to jerk off to it again)

Clearly overpowered!

Another fantastic offering from Big Officer Bear!

He's Done
He's Done

So much fun to watch Big Officer Bear dominating.


This MASTER is extremely cool. Great how he ties his slave, the extreme force with which he presses the slave's face into his armpits and the slave can only breathe the smell.
How brutally the master presses his boot onto the body and the slave has no chance.
With what ease he shoulders his slave.
He puts the chain around the slave's neck and strangles him with it. Super.
I think it's really cool how he squeezes the slave under his body weight and tortures him really hard !!!!!!!! The MASTER also holds the slave's mouth and nose shut so that the slave cannot breathe.
I wish the MASTER would treat me like that too.
The best and that is not a game how he brutally chokes his slave with his hands and sits down on the face with his ass and full body weight. The slave can no longer breathe and is wriggling and gasping for air under this MASSIVE MASTER !!!!!!!!!
Always cool how the master throws himself on the slave, you can see how the poor slave suffers. And then again and again these strangleholdings. Then he also presses his stinking bump full into his face. The poor slave gets a metal ring around his neck with a chain on it, and then the MASTER facesitting again and pulls the chain so that the slave's face really fits into him MASTER ASS is pushed in. it cannot be overlooked how the MASTER enjoys it.
It is also very good how the slave is fucked extremely brutally in the mouth by the MASTER.
The MASTER is VIOLENT and BRUAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MASTER, I would also be very happy to be at your disposal for videos.


A very strong MASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The slave is tied up defenselessly and cannot escape.
The slave is treated brutally.
This master is very strong.
Would love to be tied up like that for the master, smelling and licking his smelly ass.
To be at his mercy must be a grace.

Stinkface Slave
King Alpha
So fucking sexy and hot!!!

I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt loooooove this video! It’s so sexy! The sexy stink face and erotic crotch smothering just gets me so turned on!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


God bless I wish u would stinkfave me like this. So hot 🔥

absolutely the sexiest!!!

This is primo stinkface porn and I love every second!!

Stinkface Slave
Pup Sedes
Perfect video!

BigOfficerBear has made what in my eyes is the perfect erotic video. The extended stinkfacing and crotch smothering makes me squirm in so many ways! I can practically breathe in the musk and stink through my screen! This was well put together and very much worth a watch! Thank you BigOfficerBear!

-Pup Sedes

Armpit Torture

Fuck that stink slave is so cute. Wish i could smother him under my big fucking sweaty arse.

Archived Videos
thierry bartalucci

Je vous adore toujours avec votre uniforme. Vous êtes tellement sexy.

Armpit Torture

I loved ♥ it very much. You see all my kinks loved the pants 👖 wedgie that got me hard that and him being shoved in your pits and ass. Would love more wedgies


Amazing Video!

Great armpit torture session!

Mugged and Crushed
Dave Hughes
What a lucky boy - crushed and humiliated!

I'm boned up just thinking about the way Big Officer Bear taunts and toys with his victim. His arrogance and total domination will have you dripping. Click buy!